The all-new Hisense Bottom Mount PureFlat Taupe Steel 417L refrigerator offers an unparalleled 7-Star Energy Rating, the highest energy rated fridge in Australia. The smart Inverter Technology maintains the ideal temperatures for longer, meaning quieter cooling and greater reliability. Metal-Tech Cooling will ensure your fridge maintains the ideal temperature, even when the door is opened temporarily. The premium PureFlat design makes a bold statement in every kitchen, and the counter-depth design, large door balcony, and reversible door hinge provide ample storage, convenience and flexibility. Innovative features including Door Alarm and Electronic Touch Control ensures your food stays fresh and makes selecting different modes quick and easy. Additionally, premium features such as the Twist Ice Maker and Soft LED Lighting will help you enjoy ice cold beverages and allow you to see your fridge contents easier than ever before.


Australia’s Highest Energy Star Rated Fridge Ever!* – 7 Energy Star Rating
This fridge utilises some of the best technologies available including Vacuum Insulated panels and an advanced radiator design to reach an incredible 7-Star energy rating, the first fridge to do so in Australia.

For energy savings and a longer lasting appliance – Inverter Technology
Hisense’s Inverter Technology maintains ideal temperatures with superior energy efficiency, meaning a quieter fridge with better cooling and everyday reliability.

Cool air in every corner – Metal-Tech Cooling
Hisense’s Metal Tech Cooling features a metal plate inside the main refrigerator compartment which helps maintain a cool temperature even when the fridge is opened.

Seamless style – PureFlat Design
The Hisense PureFlat design features completely flat exterior surfaces, premium hardware and a stylish recessed handles, suiting even the most modern kitchens

Have it your way – Reversible Door
This model allows you to reverse the door hinge, so you can easily change it to open from right to left or left to right, bringing a higher level of customisation to your kitchen

A perfect fit for your kitchen – Counter-depth Design
Our fridge fits perfectly into any kitchen with the new counter depth and width design while offering impressive storage capacity

Keep your cool – Door Alarm
If the freezer door is left open for too long the fridge will sound an alarm, ensuring your food stays fresh.

Big storage for large items – Large Door Balcony
A big door balcony lets you effortlessly store bigger & taller items inside the door. Additionally, the adjustable shelves also provide a flexible zone for taller items.

Precise temperature control – Electronic Touch Control
Control your fridge and freezer’s temperature with ease using the inbuilt digital control panel.

Ice made easy – Twist Ice Maker
The simple and effective twist action of the ice tray allows easy way to make and enjoy ice cold beverages

Find everything easily – Soft LED Lighting
Soft LED lighting is designed for more clear overview of the contents of your fridge. The light is brighter and more efficient than standard fridge bulbs, and it also saves energy.