The Hisense PureFlat 634L French Door Fridge combines coolness and sophistication with a modern and fresh feel. With a touch-controlled automatic water dispenser, massive 630L volume and premium flat door design that saves space and creates a seamless built-in look, this all-new French door is perfect for large families and social gatherings.

Mark-resistant dark steel finish. Never worry about fingerprints again with this anti-fingerprint coating, leaving a premium look no matter what.

In-freezer auto ice-maker. Holding up to 2.4kg, you’ll never run out of ice.

Automatic water dispenser. Smart touch control allows you to choose between 150ml, 500ml, or continuous water without opening the door (Plumbing required).

ConnectLife Enabled. Smarter technology for smarter living.

Key Features

Modern design with attention to detail – Premium Flat Door Design
Designed to effortlessly suit even the most modern kitchens. Because of its premium appearance and at door design, recessed handles and high-quality materials, this refrigerator is a perfect for any kitchen.

Say goodbye to fingerprints – Mark Resistant Steel
Refrigerators are one of the most used home appliances. With kids and adults alike, a family household can leave up to 100 handprints a day. The fingerprint resistant brushed steel finish minimises fingerprints and makes cleaning easy. This unique finish requires no special cleaners, so you can effortlessly keep your fridge looking great with minimal effort.

Always have ice on hand – Auto Ice Maker
Holding up to 2.4kgs of ice, the auto ice maker ensures you always have ice on hand and ready to go in the built in freezer drawer.

Smarter technology for smarter living – ConnectLife App Control
Thanks to the built-in WiFi, monitoring your fridge and its contents is made much more convenient. You can adjust your fridge’s temperature settings anywhere at anytime using the Connect Life App.

Quiet, efficient performance – Durable Inverter
Our powerful brushless Durable Inverter motor is extremely efficient, providing better cleaning results while saving energy and producing less noise.

Specific amounts of water, on demand – Plumbed Automatic Water Dispenser
Stay refreshed with the automatic volumetric water dispenser. Select between 150ml , 500ml, or continuous flow depending on what you need.

Flexible storage – Cantilever Shelves/Height-adjustable Shelves
Enjoy flexibility with the fully adjustable shelves. If you want more space between the shelves, simply take one out and place it on a different shelf-holder. That way you can tailor the inside of the fridge specially to your needs. This way all the large bottles, mason jars or tall cakes will fit perfectly inside the fridge.

Seamlessly integrate into your kitchen – Counter Depth Design
Counter Depth fridges, with a depth of 610 mm can effortlessly fit into most modern kitchens, for the most practical and efficient use of space.

Fresh food that’s easy to reach – Full Width Pantry
The easy sliding full width pantry provides great storage for any types of food, from deli trays to juice boxes keeping them cool and easy to reach.

Never manually defrost again – Frost Free
More advanced than ordinary frost-free, the innovative Total No Frost Technology from Hisense enables circulation of cold air evenly throughout your freezer, preventing frost build-up, and eliminating the need to ever manually defrost again.

Quickly cool freshly stored goods – Super Cool
The Super Cool mode lets you drop the temperature of your fridge quickly, to help keep your food fresh. This is a great way to help keep the flavour, colour and nutritional value of your food, and is a great way to cool down your drinks quickly.

Maintain the quality of your frozen food – Super Freeze
The Super Freeze mode blasts your freezer with even cooler air, reducing the temperature to below -23°C. This rapid chilling will help preserve the nutrients, texture and freshness of your food.

Extra storage, with room to spare – XXL Door Balcony
A big door balcony lets you safely store bigger & taller items inside the door. It can handle bulky cartons of milk and juice and two rows of drinks cans and bottles.