The DiamondForce™ Banquet Frypan is the perfect helper when you’re entertaining or cooking wholesome family meals. This unique electric cookware saves space on your kitchen benchtop when you’re cooking for a crowd.

The Banquet Frypan is two times more durable* than traditional non-stick cookware, thanks to the unique diamond particles infused coating creating a strong interlocking matrix layer at the base of the pan. You can expect superior non-stick performance when cooking.

The versatile frypan allows you to control the temperature with a thermostat, ensuring your food is consistently cooked through or keeping your food warm while you’re busy entertaining. The deep cooking surface is great for family sized meals like casseroles, stews and soups. You can make minestrone, pumpkin soup or comforting lamb shank dishes effortlessly. What’s more, you can roast, braise, sear or reheat. With the tilt and base lever you can baste your food hands-free. The frypan is also easy to clean.

Experience the DiamondForce™ advantage with Sunbeam’s range of electric cookware.

Key Features

    Designed and reinforced with a diamond-infused two-layer coating, DiamondForce™ is an innovation in non-stick coating technology. The engineered diamond particles create a unique and strong interlocking matrix creating a tougher coating that is two times more durable* than traditional non-stick coating. *Scratch tested and compared to traditional non-stick coating.
    The DiamondForce™ coating advantage with advanced non-stick performance provides superior food release, requiring little to no oil when cooking food and easy wipe clean up.
    The Sunbeam DiamondForce™ Fypan, powered by a 2400 watt element, is cast in the heavy duty base for fast heat up, superior heat transfer and even heat distribution for excellent cooking results.
    The built-in Tilt and Baste lever tilts the frypan to allow hands-free basting, draining of fats whilst cooking, as well as easy serving of meals.