This white Westinghouse vented dryer has the capacity to dry 6.5 kg (1kg the weight of one dry towel), which is perfect for households of one or two. A vented dryer is the most affordable type of dryer to buy for those who are on a budget (however running costs are higher), and outside ducting is needed to send the moist air outside via a hose, or the dryer needs to be placed in a really well-ventilated room. It has 6 types of drying programs, so you can get just the right setting for each load. The white Westinghouse WDV656N3WB has reverse tumbling, delicates, and iron dry programs. It features a stainless steel drum and a 2 star energy rating. This white vented dryer is 795mm high, 600mm wide, and 600mm deep, so measure your laundry carefully to ensure it will fit, remembering to leave the space needed for the vent.

6.5kg vented clothes dryer
6.5kg vented clothes dryer comes with anti-tangle reverse tumble action for a more even drying result. Other feature includes durable stainless steel drum, Sensor drying, large door opening and wall mount option.

Reverse Tumbling Action
Tumble action alternates clockwise to anti-clockwise, reducing clothes tangling and bunching together, so they dry more evenly.

Key Features

  • Sensor dry : This new sensing technology monitors the moisture content of clothes throughout the drying cycle, when the clothes are deemed to be dry the machine automatically turns off, saving time and unnecessary use of energy.
  • Easy to use rotary dial control
  • Auto cool down : The auto cool down forms a part of the final drying cycle. This reduces creasing of clothes and provides a safety feature.
  • Time drying
  • Front lint filter